Norwalk High School is a place where students and faculty alike experience the excitement of the motivated mind and the Samaritan heart. The people here are of a special breed, where a little push goes a long way, an all-nighter is not uncommon, and a smile is bound to appear no matter how taxing life may be at the moment.
Norwalk High School is not simply an educational institution, it is a home--a home for an ever-growing family with one common goal: to advance the self and society. Norwalk High School emphasizes a well rounded student, and each department is staffed by an outstanding faculty that is committed to teaching excellence.
Our alma mater's mission is "To provide educational and social opportunities that are unique for gifted and talented students so as to prepare them for meaningful and useful roles in science and society."
Student Clubs - Norwalk is home to a wide variety of clubs. Some of the clubs include: Comix Club, Dance Club, Nature Club, M.E.C.H.A., Social Justice Club, Philosophy Club, Bible Club, Key Club, Ping Pong Club, F.B.L.A., French Club, Speech Club, and many more.
Sports Teams - Norwalk is proud to have such a wide variety of athletic teams and to be able to say that in addition to the standard baseball, basketball and soccer teams, it also is home to successful Cross Country, Golf, Volleyball, Wrestling, Softball, and Track teams.
Staff - The faculty strives to provide our students not only with "the facts" but also with the ability to think and reason on a high level and develop original "facts" through an emphasis on original research.
Affiliations - Norwalk High School has collaborations and affiliations with Colleges and Universities, Scientific Organizations, Medical Organizations and Businesses. See some major collaborations here.
Special Programs -
* The Business Academy focuses on current global business practices the state of the art technology.
* The Millennium Project teaches science, engineering, and technology.
* The Medical Academy specializes in science, physical therapy, and nutrition.
Shows & Concerts - The Music Department offers students the opportunity to perform in front of large groups several times each year. In both the fall and spring, several holiday concerts are performed for the student body, an evening concert is given each May open to parents, relatives, and the public. Some musical groups perform outside the school in hospitals and nursing homes as a public service. There are usually two plays each year, one of which is a musical.
College Opportunities -
* Norwalk High School's Guidance / Counseling office provides information about Colleges and Universities.
* Information about Scholarships to Colleges and Universities is available in the Guidance / Counseling Office.
* Summer Opportunities at Colleges and Universities.
* Each year a college fair is held which gives students the opportunity to speak with university representatives.
* Norwalk High School hosts representatives from colleges and universities throughout the year.
* The representatives address students in small groups during the school day and are available to answer questions on an individual basis.