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Foreign Language Department
French I – Fall 2011


Dear Students and Parents,


            French is a college-prep class that prepares students for the AP French exam.  In learning any language, students must make an effort to participate in class, by communicating in that language, both orally and in writing.  Through communication, projects, and exams, the instructor will be able to determine a student’s individual progress.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to call me at Norwalk.  My conference period is Period 4 (ext. 4352).


Veuillez agréer mes sentiments les plus sincères,

M. Brian Garcia-O’Leary

                Brian J. Garcia-O’Leary

Telephone:              (562) 868-0431 ext. 4352, this is the French class.  This is the easiest way to contact me.

Address:                   Norwalk High School

Foreign Language Department

11356 Leffingwell Road

Norwalk, CA 90650                                                


Schedule:                      Period 1 - French 3A/2A
                                                Period 2 - French 2A
                                                Period 3 - French 1
                                                Period 4 - French 1
                                                Period 5 - French 1
                                                Period 6 - Conference