Hello and Welcome to U.S. History
      Hello, my name is David Snyder and I will be an instructor and guide both United States history
and Advance Placement United States history. I have been teaching at Norwalk high school for eight years teaching every subject in social studies at least once. I received my Bachelors degree and credential from California State University Long Beach eventually even receiving my Masters degree from there as well. Last year was a special year for all history classes and I would like to see that happen again this year and the only way to that is to work hard. All assignments will be listed on the calendar and website with the classes' name. Here is to an even more successful year at Norwalk. Below is my contact information.
Mr. David Snyder:
Phone- 868-0431 x4416
Period 1 - Conference
Period 2 - AP American History
Period 3 - U.S. History
Period 4 - U.S. History
Period 5 - AP American History
Period 6 - AP American History