The Physical Education Department would like to welcome you to Norwalk High School. We hope the following information will be of value to you.

Period 1 - Conference
Period 2 - Phy Ed 10
Period 3 - Phy Ed 10
Period 4 - Phy Ed 10
Period 5 - Wt Training
Period 6 - Athletics 


Mrs. Gasporra                       Aerobics, Activities Director                           Ext. 4900

Mr. Cardona                           P.E. 9 – 12                                                     Ext. 4800

Mr. Mardis                             P.E. 10, Weight Training, Dept. Chair              Ext. 4800

Ms.Osongco                           P.E. 9                                                             Ext. 4900

Mr. Webster                          Weight Training, Athletic Director                     Ext. 4804


            Students in grade 9 and 10 are enrolled in physical education classes. Physical education is a state requirement for graduation. Besides the obvious goals of learning and participating in sports and game activities, physical education also strives to improve individual excellence and self-image.


            We know that vigorous participation in physical education activities can enhance physical and academic performance. It also felt that physical education activities can improve the quality of your life. We hope that you and your child will find a fitness/sport activity that you can participate and enjoy for a lifetime.


All students are required to dress appropriately for physical education class. Appropriate dress for PE class consists of light grey mesh or cotton athletic type shorts or sweatpants, a light grey cotton t-shirt (NO TANK TOPS), and athletic type shoes. PE clothing must be the appropriate size. For your convenience Norwalk offers PE shorts and shirts for sale at the school.

NHS P.E. Shirt ($10.00)

NHS P.E. Shorts ($15.00) or light gray physical education shorts (no pockets)

White Socks

Athletic Shoes

NHS sweat pants ($15.00) or light gray sweat pants (no pockets)

Sweat shirt (optional; light gray color only, no pockets, no hood)



Course Objectives:

  • To demonstrate fundamental skills for sports and games.
  • To improve in the execution of fundamental skills through application in games and sports
  • To improve and/or maintain his/her level of fitness.
  • To demonstrate the skills used in lifetime activities.
  • To demonstrate and/or verbalize and/or write his/her knowledge of safety, etiquette, rules,               strategy of the activity          
  • To demonstrate and/or verbalize the principals of fitness and body conditioning.
  • To demonstrate the knowledge that wearing appropriate clothing for physical activity is necessary for one’s health and safety.
  • To demonstrate appropriate social behavior such as good sportsmanship, cooperation, and appreciation for individual differences.

All students participate in planned conditioning activities as jogging, walking, jump rope, fitness, circuits, sit-ups, pull-ups, and stretching. Students are encouraged to set their own goals and to accept responsibility for improving their fitness.

The Norwalk Physical Education program also focuses on social development, fair play, courtesy, and the ability to work in groups.

Course Requirements: Administrative Code and Framework

            The state and school district have implemented a policy which requires students to demonstrate proficiency in the following activities:

            Aquatics Safety

            Team Sports

            Physical Fitness


            Self Defense

            Individual and Dual Sports


            Bio Mechanics

            A proficiency form will be filled in each student’s portfolio and marked accordingly each time the students has completed and demonstrates proficiency in each activity.



Physical Fitness Requirements

            The California Health-Related Fitness Test is given each quarter in your child’s physical education class. This will give your child the opportunity to chart his/her improvements on these fitness items. The following tests are listed below along with the areas for measurement. California State Law now requires students to meet minimum physical fitness standards. Students will be required to take Physical Education until they are able to meet these fitness standards.

1.      Curl Ups -          Abdominal Strength

2.      Push Ups-           Upper Body Strength

3.      One Mile Run- Cardiovascular Endurance

4.      Sit and Reach-   Flexibility (back, upper leg)

5.      Skin Fold/Height and Weight- Body Composition (body fat & BMI)

6.      Trunk Lift -       Upper Body Flexibility

The Health-Related Fitness Tests are required by the State. Scores are compared to health standards for your child’s age. The 9th grade scores are sent to the State Department of Education.

Daily Participation

1.      Students are expected to suit out and participate every day. NON SUITS WILL NOT BE TOLOERATED, this includes wearing street clothes under PE clothes.

2.      If you are ill, a parent note may excuse you from participation but not from suiting out for one day to a maximum odd three days. These notes should be presented to your teacher before attendance is taken.

3.      A medical excuse is necessary to excuse you from participation after 3 days.

4.      Your daughter’s menstruation period will not excuse her from suiting out or activity.

5.      Illness occurring during the school day should be discussed with your P.E. teacher prior to the beginning of classes.

Make Up Work

1.      Work missed due to verified absences, parent note, and medical excuse should be made up to improve attendance grade only.

2.      Make up work (written work, library work, etc.) is available from your teacher.

3.      Make up work for specific activity (skills test, written test, fitness tests)  must be arranged with your teacher.

Class Rules

1.      Combs, lotion, books, newspapers, purses, and toys to be brought to class.

2.      Food, candy, gum, and drinks are not allowed in class or locker room.

3.      For your safety, jewelry is not to be worn to P.E. i.e. long dangling earrings, long necklaces, bracelets, etc.

4.      Telephones in the locker room are for teachers only.

5.      Students have 5 minutes after the tardy bell to suit out and report for roll call.

6.      Students are to remain in designated areas until the passing bell rings.

7.      Profanity or abusive language is not acceptable.

8.      Cell phones and cameras are not to be brought to class and they are NOT to be used in the locker room. These items will be confiscated.

Non Suit Policy

      All physical education students at Norwalk High School are expected to suit out and participate every day. For your son’s/daughter’s safety, hygiene, comfort, performance, it is necessary to suit out in P.E. wear. The following is the policy for handling of non-suits: A non-suit is treated as a discipline problem. Refusal to comply with school/class rules is an act of defiance and the student’s grade will be affected each time the student refuses to dress out. Students may borrow clean clothes in the emergency only. Students will be charged for lost clothing. Excessive borrowing results in a detention and can affect grade. Students will need their school I.D. to check out loaner clothes.


      Students are graded on participation, written and/or skill tests, and/or teacher observation. All students are expected to participate 75% of the term to receive a passing grade and term credit. Behavior, attitude, cooperation and sportsmanship will be considered as part of a student’s grade.

Grading Scale for the Term (18 Weeks)


0-3            Days = A                                                      Absences                    2 Day

4-6            Days = B                                                      Tardies                        1 Day

7-9            Days = C                                                     Cuts/Leaving Early       2 Day

10-12        Days = D                                                     Non-participation         2 Days                      

13+           Days = F                                                     


      Thirteen days accumulated from the above scale results in failure. There are about 90 days in a term. Extra credit may be available. Check with your teacher.


1.      Mark your gym clothes with the first initial and last name using permanent ink or embroidery.

2.      Graffiti advertisement or obscenities on any of the uniform is unacceptable.

3.      Uniforms are to be laundered weekly.

4.      P.E. shorts/sweats are to be worn appropriately. No sagging of excessive bagginess!


1.      Boys and girls need a combination lock to secure their clothes in the locker room. We recommend a high quality lock such as American or Master. NO KEY LOCKS or Master V-22 locks.

2.      Students are not to share lockers or lock combination.

3.      Keep your locker locked at all times. YOU are responsible for your clothes, books, jewelry, etc…

4.      Locks are not to be left on the long lockers when you are not in P.E.

5.      Locker rooms are closed during snack and lunch.

6.      Suggested personal items for your locker: towel, deodorant, safety pins, comb/hair brushes, sanitary supplies.

Allergy, Asthma, and Exercise

   (Information taken from the American College of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology, 2003)

      Exercise Induced Asthma (EIA) is described as tightness in the chest, coughing, wheezing, and shortness of breath. Using an inhaled bronchodilator before exercising may control EIA. Students with asthma or allergies benefit from regular exercise. Many people with asthma avoid exercise because they fear that asthma episode will occur. A well-planned exercise program can improve overall physical and emotional well being and help them manage their symptoms. It is important to discuss symptoms with your physician.


(Information taken from Health Magazine, July/August 2002)




Survival of the Fittest

Fact: In America, the price tag of obesity has been estimates to be over $40 billion and $120billion (taking into account medical cost and lost productivity). Prediction: Unfortunately, this will become a self-correcting problem. As the cost of obesity-related disease continues to rise, and the ability to pay for health care falls, the fittest will live longer, and inactive, sick people will younger. Politicians will get the credit for a healthier nation, and Social Security will be back in black.





I have read the class standards and rules for Physical Education. I understand and agree to follow them.

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I have read the class standards and rules for Physical Education.

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Parent/Guardian: Please indicate below if your son/daughter has a medical problem that might prevent him/her from actively participating in physical activities. If a medical condition exists, an excuse from a doctor should be included.