If you know that your child will be absent from school, please advise the Attendance Office on the morning of the absence. Or, a student can bring in a note signed by the parent or guardian verifying the reason for the absence. A student must obtain a re-admittance slip from the Attendance Office in order to be admitted to class. Any unverified absence will be declared a truancy after 10 days.
When a student is more than twenty (20) minutes late for a class, he/she is considered absent for the period and must repot to the Attendance Office.
The direct number to reach the Attendance Office is : (562) 864-7728
If a student is to leave campus for an appointment during the school day, please notify the Attendance Office by written note or by telephone. The attendance technicians will prepare an Outside Pass for the appropriate time.
The Attendance Office is now using an automated phone number dialing system, which will notify parents of any period absences for each student that day. A pre-recorded message from 4:00 to 9:00 p.m. daily will notify parents of unverified absences for the previous day. Parents are encouraged to contact the Attendance Office to review their child's attendance record.
1.) First & Second Tardy: Teachers will employ their classroom management strategies and assign consequences such as making direct contact with a parent/guardian (must be documented in grade book), missed participation points, and/or after school detention.
2.) Third & Fourth Tardy: Teacher will communicate by telephone, post-card or e-mail to parents that the student continues to be tardy to class and that the student is losing points, instructuion and privileges due to these tardies. Detention will be assigned by each teacher. Any student arriving to class three to four times in a week quarter will receive a "U" for class citizenship. A total of two U's accumulated within a grading period will result in loss of eligibility to participate in extra-curricular activities.
3.) Five or more Tardies: An Attendance Alert Form submitted to the office. The form will begin an attendance process that is progressive intervention including parent conferences, attendance contract, phone calls, meeting with counselor, attendance interventionist, truancy citation, informal probation, Saturday School, SST, SART, and DA.