Board Approved Policy (BP5412- RR5412)

The Governing Board of the Norwalk –La Mirada Unified School believes that all students have the right to be
educated in a positive learning environment free from disruptions. On school grounds and at school activities, students shall be expected to exhibit appropriate conduct that does not infringe upon the rights of others or interfere with the school program. Behavior is considered appropriate when students are:
  • Diligent in study
  • Careful with school property
  • Courteous
  • Respectful toward their teachers, other staff, students and volunteers
The Superintendent or designee shall ensure that each school site develops standards of conduct and discipline
consistent with District Policies and Rules and Regulations. Rules and Regulations 5412: Student Conduct General Information Prohibited student conduct includes but is not limited to:

1. Behavior that endangers staff and/or students.

2. Behavior that disrupts the orderly classroom or school environment.

3. Harassment of students or staff, including bullying, intimidations, hazing, or any other verbal, written or
    physical conduct that causes or threatens to cause bodily harm or emotional suffering.

4. Damage to or theft of property belonging to the District, staff or students.

5. Use of a laser pointer on school premises shall first be obtained from the principal or designee. The principal
    or designee shall determine whether the requested use of the laser pointer is for a valid instructional or
    school-related purpose.

6. Profane, vulgar or abusive language.

7. Plagiarism or dishonesty in schoolwork or tests.

8. Inappropriate dress (per Board Policy 5595, Appropriate Clothing and Grooming).

9. Tardiness and unexcused absence from school.

10. Failure to remain on school premises in accordance with school rules.

Possession of Cellular Phones/Cellular Camera Phones and
Other Electronic Signaling Devices/Possession of Electronic Devices
Electronic signaling devices MUST be turned OFF during class time and at any other time
as directed by district employees. It is important that parents/guardians continue to call the school
office to leave messages for their children, instead of leaving messages on the student’s cell phone.
Students must keep cell phone(s) in their backpacks during instructional time and can only be used before
school, lunch and after school. It is recommended that students hide all items to keep others from stealing.
Theft is a problem that can be avoided if students keep valuables at home.

1. Cell phones are to be turned “OFF” from 7:55 AM to 12:55 PM and 1:30 PM to 3:00 PM, no exceptions.

2. If a cell phone rings during class time or is used in any way, the cell phone will be confiscated and a
    parent/guardian can pick up the item on Thursdays from 3:00 PM to 4:00 PM or by appointment. An
    appointment can be made by calling (562) 868-0431, ext. 4111. Disciplinary actions will be taken for this
    interruption to instruction. If the items is taken away a second time, the item can be retrieved no earlier that at
    the end of the school year, after June 18, 2008.

3. The District is not responsible and does not investigate lost or stolen cell phones. Students are responsible for
    their own items. Lost or stolen items will not be investigated nor searched. Parents must contact service
    providers and law enforcement for assistance. No mechanical or electronic devices shall be installed or used in
    any classroom, office or other room in the school which permits any student to listen to or record the procedures in said room
    without the expressed prior consent of the teacher(s) and the principal.

D R E S S   F O R   S U C C E S S
N o r w a l k   H i g h   S c h o o l   D r e s s   C o d e

Periodically, we will update/clarify aspects of the Dress Code as adopted by the Norwalk-La Mirada Unified School District
and Norwalk High School. We appreciate your support of a safe and positive learning environment for all students.
Appropriate clothing and grooming are required as mandated by California Code of Regulations, Title 5, Sect. 302;BP 5595.

The Board of Education requires all students attending district schools to be suitably groomed and to wear clothing that is
neat, clean, safe and appropriate for school activities. Garments that are known to support or encourage violence, sexual
connotations, gang involvement, drug or alcohol use, criminal or immoral behavior, profanity, or which lack modesty are not
permitted. If at any time a student’s dress is such that it detracts from or disrupts the educational process, he/she may be
required to return home to make appropriate changes in dress or grooming. Students and parents are to understand that a
school is an educational institution and that proper attire, footwear and grooming are required at all times. Visible tattoos or
body graffiti, whether permanent or temporary, are discouraged. Although the school is responsible for reinforcing the dress
code, it is the parent’s responsibility to ensure that students come to school properly groomed and attired.

The following items are NOT ALLOWED on the Norwalk High School Campus or any school related events, such as
after school and evening events, sporting events, summer school and off campus events.:

1. Immodest clothing, such as, but not limited to, halter tops, short shorts, see-through blouses, bare middrifts,
    visible undergarments, and other items. Shoulder straps on tank tops and muscle shirts or other
    tops must be a minimum of two inches.

2. Hats, caps and beanies, except Norwalk High School Athletic baseball caps.

3. Pants or shorts that ride below the waist.

4. Pants that cannot stay at the waistline or that cause undergarments to be visible. Pants must not exceed
    waist size by more than two inches.

5. Pant cuffs that drag on the ground.

6. Pants that have slits, frayed cuffs or frayed holes that display or focus on areas of private body parts.

7. Military styled belt buckles that contain initials or other symbols or logos.

8. Shorts longer than knee length with white socks worn above the end of the shorts.

9. Bandannas, hair nets, wave caps and hoods. Each student must be identifiable and not concealed by

10. Clothing that advocates violence, racism or sexism or that displays offensive, demeaning or gang related
      symbols or language including jerseys. Also, clothing, school supplies or personal items promoting
      tagging, gang or prison logos and expressions.

11. Clothing promoting the use of alcohol, drugs, cigarettes or other harmful substances.

12. Chains that hang from clothing.

13. For health and safety reasons, appropriate footwear must be worn at all times. House slipper, flip-flops or
      sandals with soles less than ¼ “ thick or thicker than 2 “ are not allowed.

This policy applies to Norwalk High School students when they are on campus, at any school sponsored event or
activity regardless of weather conditions. The following consequences may be initiated when students violate any of
the above policies:

A. Students may be sent home to change clothing.

B. Students may be assigned detention.

C. Students may be assigned to Saturday School.

D. Students may be assigned to in-house suspension.

E. Students may be suspended from school.

F. Students may be assigned to community work program.

Norwalk High School reserves the right to amend the Dress Code Policy at any time during the school
year or summer when it is in the student body’s best interest to ensure safety and promote a positive
learning environment.

All students and parents are provided with information in the Dress Code policy at the time of student registration. A copy of this
policy signed by student and parent will be kept on file.


Campus security and the safety of our students is a daily priority. In addition to the administrative and counseling staff, a team of highly
competent and well-trained security assistants secure the campus. Their duty is to maintain order to ensure students a safe learning
environment. Their responsibilities include monitoring all areas of the school grounds and all school activities. Disruption of the
educational process is subject to an intervention by school safety personnel. The NHS Security Team conducts procedures as outlined by
the California Educational Code, Penal Code and the Board of Education.

The team works in conjunction with District Security, Norwalk Sheriff’s Department, Gang Task Force, students, teachers and parents.
Other Security Services Include:
  • Reporting/Investigating : Students are expected to report vandalism or other school related problems immediately to security in orderto begin an investigation.
  • Conflict Mediation : All team members are trained conflict mediators. Students are encouraged to seek assistance.


Students in grades 4-12 who ride bicycles or skateboards, to and from school, shall be required to wear bicycle helmets (Board Policy
5910). It is the responsibility of students to lock their bikes in the bicycle rack and secure their skateboard in a skateboard locker.
Skateboard lockers can be requested from the Discipline Office. Neither the district nor the school will provide or obtain insurance to
cover theft or damage.


In accordance with district policy- (BP5920), Norwalk is a closed campus. Students are not allowed off campus during school hours
without authorization. Only a parent or guardian may request that their child be permitted to leave school during official school hours. The
parent/guardian or person identified on the emergency card can authorize a student’s release during school hours. An Outside Pass may be
obtained in the Attendance Office once proper authorization is verified. Parents/guardians must also include a verifiable reason for the
removal of their child during their instructional time. Approved reasons include doctor’s appointment, dentist appointment and family
emergencies. “Early Release” stickers are for students that are enrolled in fewer than four classes. To exit the campus the student must
show proper I.D. with an official “early release” sticker. If the student fails to produce appropriate authorization or identification, he or she
will not be allowed to leave until 3:00 p.m.


The gates on Taddy St. are secured and closed by 7:50 am. The two gates on the far sides of Leffingwell Rd. are closed at 7:55 a.m. The
main gate on Leffingwell Rd. is monitored by security at all times. Students can see security for access at anytime of the school day.
Students will be directed to the Attendance Office or tardy sweep as determined by security. Please make sure your child is in class and on
time each day. If gates are closed, please do not climb the fence! It is mandatory that all security procedures are followed. Students
found jumping or climbing the fence are subject to disciplinary actions including a possible search. Contact the discipline office for more


Leaving school grounds without permission is considered “truancy”. Truancy is not tolerated, therefore, Ed. Code laws, School Board
Policies and Penal Code are strictly enforced.


: Students parking in a school lot do so at their own risk. Neither the school nor district provides or obtains insurance
for theft or damage to students’ vehicles.

1. Students are to comply with all laws of the California Vehicle Code and all rules and regulations that govern student driving and parking
     while in the Norwalk High School parking lot and surrounding community. Students who fail to follow guidelines may have their
    parking privileges suspended. Students must register their car information including insurance with security personnel in order to park in
    the student parking area. All traffic accidents, car theft, petty theft, etc., which may occur on school property, should be reported to the
    administration immediately. Proper authorities will be contacted by the administration.

2. Students must park in the student parking lot. Vehicles parked in any unauthorized area may be cited.

3. The parking lot is a secured area and out of bounds for students at all times during the school day. If a student needs to go to his/her car,
     the student must have permission from an administrator and be accompanied by school security.

4. Upon parking, the student must leave the car and enter campus immediately.

5. Students are to park in the marked parking spaces in the student lot.


All visitors must obtain a visitor's pass from the Administration Office. Students are not permitted to have visitors on campus. Former
students are not allowed to walk directly to any classroom or field areas during school hours. Brothers, sisters, cousins or friends may not
visit or accompany students to school. If a visitor’s pass is not clearly visible, security personnel will detain and question the visitor. At no
time will a person be considered an authorized visitor if she/he enters the campus by jumping the gate, using an unauthorized access entrance
or is without authorized approval. Due to a heightened level of safety, it is important that individuals keep hoods or other headwear that can
cover their face off their heads. Student safety includes campus peace and the overall learning environment; therefore, any disturbance to the
learning process will not be tolerated. Any visitors (authorized or not) that attempt to cause an interruption to the peaceful learning
environment of Norwalk High School will be subject to questioning, be requested to leave the campus, and/or be subject to further action by
law enforcement.