Getting Started:
The school's advancement professionals are available to provide confidential, qualified information and illustrations on how gift planning may apply to you and your situation. We look forward to discussing with you giving opportunities associated with the Norwalk High School Endowment Fund and your areas of interest.

Bequest a provision in your will / trust to provide a testamentary gift to Norwalk High.

Beneficiary Designations
• Qualified Plan Asset Balances (IRA's, 401K, 403(b), Keogh etc.)
• Life Insurance and Annuity Proceeds
• Testamentary Trust

Gifts that provide income: Planned Gifts
• Lifetime transfers of cash, stocks, bonds, mutual funds or real estate with income retained for life or a term of years to one or more beneficiaries

Gift the Property, Keep the Income
• Charitable Remainder Unitrust
Provides income for life or a term of years as specified by the donor. Payment to the donor is a stated percentage (e.g. 5%, 6%, 7%, etc.) of the net asset value in the trust as recalculated each year.

• Charitable Remainder Annuity Trust
Same as charitable remainder unitrust except the payment to the donor is fixed as a stated percentage (minimum of 5%) of the appraised value of the asset initially placed in trust and does not fluctuate.

Gift the Income, Keep the Property
• Charitable Lead Trust
The donor transfers assets to a charitable lead trust that then pays a fixed percentage of trust assets to the Norwalk High School Endowment Fund for either a set number of years or the lifetime of the donor.

Gift of Personal Residence with Life Estate Retained
The donor signs a life estate agreement giving title of his/her personal or vacation residence to the Norwalk High School Endowment Fund while retaining the right to its use for the remainder of their lifetime. At the time that the agreement is made, an income tax deduction for the present value of this future charitable gift is available to the donor.

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