Business Education Standards - Accounting

Course Description
This course is designed to teach you the basics of accounting. Over the semester, you will learn basic accounting terms, principles, and equations, and how to apply all of them to the running of a business. You will explore different career opportunities that accounting knowledge can give you, and lastly, you will become acquainted with the world of automated accounting.

Units of Study
You will learn how to perform the following Accounting functions:
- Analyzing transactions
- Recording transactions into a General Journal
- Posting from a General Journal into a General Ledger
- Completing a Business Work Sheet
- Preparing Financial Statements
- Recording Adjusting and Closing Entries
- Recording transactions into Special Journals
- Maintaining Cash Control Systems

Accounting Standards
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Tutoring Schedule
Lunch - Mon., Wed., Thurs.
Also by appointment if more time is needed.

 Business Education Standards - Accounting

ACCOUNTING is an essential aspect of every business institution and organization. As future workers, small business owners, and entrepreneurs, students who understand basic accounting principles will more knowledgeably manage their companies' financial resources. As citizens, future parents, and investors, these students will be better prepared to make the economic decisions that will impact their communities-such as passing a referendum to build new schools-and to make the financial decisions that will affect their own economic futures.
The introduction of computerized systems has made the mastery of technology skills an integral part of the accounting curriculum. Automated procedures eliminate the repetitive tasks required for manual accounting and facilitate the inclusion of individual and group activities that involve higher-level thinking skills. The Internet also offers tremendous opportunities for financial research and a wide variety of learning applications and activities.
The following attitudes and skills should be integrated and reinforced throughout the entire accounting curriculum: critical thinking, decision making, problem solving, team building, ethics, work quality, communication, and technology.
These accounting standards identify the knowledge and skills appropriate for courses at both the high school and two-year college levels. Performance expectations appropriate for the second year of high school accounting are indicated with an asterisk. These accounting standards do not address topics generally taught in intermediate, cost, tax, and other advanced accounting courses.
Below is an overview of the achievement standards for the accounting content area. Each achievement standard states the understanding and competency students should attain. Each achievement standard has corresponding performance expectations. Each performance expectation delineates what students need to do to exhibit the knowledge and the skills required to meet the achievement standard. The corresponding performance expectations for each achievement standard are detailed in the publication.
I. The Accounting Cycle
Achievement Standard: Complete and explain the purpose of the various steps in the accounting cycle.
II. The Accounting Process
Achievement Standard: Apply generally accepted accounting principles to determine the value of assets, liabilities, and owner's equity.
III. Financial Statements
Achievement Standard: Prepare, interpret, and analyze financial statements using manual and computerized systems for service, merchandising, and manufacturing businesses.
IV. Special Applications
Achievement Standard: Apply appropriate accounting principles to payroll, income taxation, managerial systems, and various forms of ownership.
V. Interpretation and Use of Data
Achievement Standard: Use planning and control principles to evaluate the performance of an organization and apply differential analysis and present-value concepts to make decisions.
From the National Standards for Business Education © 2001 by the National Business Education Association, 1914 Association Drive, Reston, VA 20191.

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