At the outset of a new writing assignment you may feel overwhelmed, not knowing how to accomplish this or even where to begin! No worries, it's a piece of cake. Below are guidelines to help you write a great and fun paper.


*Make sure you understand the assignment.
*When is it due?
*Is this a fiction or non-fiction based assignment?
*Do you choose your topic, (see next page), or is chosen for you?
*Set deadlines for each of the following steps.

*Start early- this is a key factor in making the paper fun.


You may be excited about your topic and want to start writing right away. Slow down. First you need to FOCUS.

Your topic may be animals, but the length of your paper may be restricted to four pages.Which particular animals, or what aspect about those animals do you want to research?


This is the fun part about of the process-think of it as a treasure hunt.
Clues may be found in: books, periodicals, CD-ROMs, encyclopedias, the Internet and even through personal interviews.

 *Take organized notes as you read.

 *Remember to keep track of where you found each piece of information.
   It is very important to document the sources used in your paper.

 *Once you have gathered your reasearch notes it is time to organize them and formulate the MAIN POINT of your paper.


Are you on track? Review the purpose of the assignment.

 *Create a rough outline. The 'flow' of your paper will help the reader follow your logic as     you set out to achieve your main point.

 *Create a rough draft.

 *Proof-read and feedback from your parents and friends.

 *Is your mainpoint and supporting information clear?

 *Does the 'flow' of your paper make sense?

 *Did you achieve your main point?

 *Incorporate this feedback and your own final revisions into your final draft.