This is the HTML Rows and Column tutorial. In this demonstration we will be discussing the meanings of the table code.


1. To begin the table you are going to start off the code with :


<table width="xxx" height="xxx" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0" align="center" border="1">


(you may change the size of your height and width by percentage or pixels)


2. We are now going to create the first row with three columns with the code:



<td align="center"> Table 1</td>

<td align="center"> Table 2</td>

<td align="center"> Table 3</td>



(<td> creates each table)


3. Now, we are going to add the last two rows of our table,

using the <tr>, it will start a new row.



<td align="center"> Table 4</a>

<td align="center">Table 5</td>

<td align="center">Table 6</td>




<td align="center">Table 7</td>

<td align="center">Table 8</td>

<td align="center">Table 9</td>



4. To close and finish the table you will use: