Alternative Programsalternative_programs
In some cases, students may fail to earn the required number of credits to advance to the next grade level. When a student is in jeopardy of not graduating, there are alternative opportunities to help students earn the credits needed to be back on track to graduate with their class. Students may attend summer school or other approved programs. Such alternatives to assist students in obtaining credits toward a diploma are listed below: Consult your counselor for help.
  • Summer School
  • Enrollment in ROP classes outside of the regular school day. Students 16 years of age or older have the opportunity to learn entry-level employment skills through ROP classes. Classes are available days and evenings for students of all ability and experience levels. High School credits vary according to classes and may be applied toward  graduation. Students may contact their counselor to enroll in ROP classes.
  • Seniors may take 10 credits per semester in Independent Study as concurrent students. Enrollment must be outside of the regular school day.
  • Transfer to El Camino High School. Students seeking these programs must be recommended by their counselor and the Assistant Principal.
  • Norwalk Adult School is available to students 16 years or older. Students may enroll concurrently in high school and in the adult program during their junior and senior year. To do this, a student must obtain counselor and parent permision and be accepted by the adult senior director.
  • Students may take classes at Cerritos College through the College Bridge Program. They can earn both high school and college credit.