Matador Scholar Association (MSA) 

Earn the right to be proud and confident. - John Wooden
Leadership begins in the Classroom 

Junior Honor Guard!!  
In case you missed the meeting last week please make sure you fill out the attached Junior Honor Guard Profile Sheet.  These need to be turned in by March 12th to Ms. Naudin in Room 560.  
Next Junior Honor Guard meeting is at lunch in room 560 on Thursday, March 12th!   
Click this link for the Junior Honor Guard Profile Question Worksheet --> Junior Honor Guard Profile Q's
1. Beginning with the Freshman Class of 2018 we will have a new application for MSA.  The application deadline for Freshman and any new students at LMHS is March 31, 2015!  Applications will be passed out in mid- late Feb.  You can also download on the MSA section of the website!  
2. At the start of the 2015-16 school year all students who are eligible to join MSA will be given an application to apply.   
3. Starting with the 2015-16 school year all students need to be active members of MSA in order to be eligible for MSA related awards and sashes.  
4.  MSA is no longer considered an academy.  We will now operate as a club on campus!   
What is MSA? 

The Matador Scholar Association is the honors club at LMHS aimed to link those students who want to be challenged academically, be well prepared for college, and wish to give back to their community while still in high school.  MSA allows for opportunities for students to distinguish themselves both inside and outside the classroom. 

Our Club Goals are to:

1. Prepare students for future academic success in college and beyond

2. Meet the individual interests of all GATE and honors students

3. Inspire students to seek a wide variety of new experiences

4. Encourage students to become well-rounded individuals who demonstrate academic diversity and are involved in LMHS outside of the classroom. 

5. Build a spirit of pride in the LMHS community
MSA Advisor:
Ms. Naudin is the MSA Advisor at La Mirada High School.  Her number one objective is simple: to help students achieve their dream of higher education.  
Please visit Ms. Naudin in room 560 located on the LMHS campus!  
Ms. Melissa Naudin
MSA Advisor
La Mirada High School, Room 560


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