Students in our Magnet Program bring a strong interest in Math, Science and Technology and are provided numerous opportunities to explore their interests in a setting that promotes high academic standards.  

Students with an interest in Math work at an accelerated rate taking Algebra, Geometry and Algebra 2 while attending middle school.  Students use Technology to utilize virtual math simulations, to explore a variety of math careers, and to solve real world problems with math.

Science is partnered with Technology and enhanced through Project-Based Learning activities and virtual science simulations as students explore Environmental  Science, Architecture and Structural Design, Pre-Aeronautics, Robotics, Chemistry and Electronics. 

Enrichment courses help students further utilize Technology in courses such as   Photoshop and Video Production.  Students are able to create a variety of multi-media presentations and are knowledgeable of Internet safety and ethics.  Students can participate in Math competitions, our Science Fair and Science competitions, and our MST Showcase where students present their projects and electronic portfolios. 

Students who participate in the Math, Science and Technology Magnet Program also receive a solid foundation in language arts, social studies, and physical education, based on California State Standards.  Hutchinson Middle School’s Math, Science and Technology Magnet Program is designed to go above and beyond grade level expectations and provide students with rigorous curriculum that integrates Technology, inquiry problem solving, critical thinking and creative self expression.

 Does your child have "The Knack?"