Coursework Includes: 

Engineering Design:  where students study the design process and how to analyze and solve design problems. Students determine what information and principles are relevant to a problem and its analysis.  Students choose between alternate solutions in solving a problem and are able to justify the choices made in determining a solution.   Students build prototypes, and evaluate on the basis of collected test data.

6th Grade Environmental and Natural Science Engineering where students design and develop processes and systems that are used to create, monitor, prevent, or correct environmental events and conditions.

7th Grade Architectural and Structural Engineering where students study the mechanics and properties of structural materials, the methods used to analyze simple structures, and how to systematically complete an architectural project. 

8th Grade Principles of Engineering where students study mechanical, electrical, and electromechanical products and systems. Students explore fundamental automation modules and learn how to set up simple systems to complete preprogrammed tasks. Students use the principles of force, work, rate, power, energy, and resistance related to mechanical, and electrical, systems.  Students study the concepts of physics that are fundamental to engineering technology.