Library Hours

Monday - Friday

Library Rules
  • Be Trustworthy
Return you Books on Time
  • Be Respectful
Be considerate of others 
No running or horse play in the Library
Use good manners and a quiet Voice

  • Be Responsible
Always use a shelf marker
Keep your Library book safe, away from babies and your pets
No Food or Drinks in the Library 
  • Be Fair
Renew your books only when necessary. 
Wait your turn 
  • Be Caring
Handle the books and media with care
Always use a book mark
Be Kind and Helpful 
  • Be a Good Citizen
Help to keep you library clean and neat.
Do your part to improve your school
Obey all rules and Respect Authority 


Holiday Book Fair 
Dec. 8th - 12th  


to the Gardenhill Library!

Library Policiesreading lady bug

All students may check out one book per visit. When the class has earned “good credit” the class will be extended the privilege to check out two books per week. “Good Credit” may be earned by two consecutive weeks of 100% book returns.

Students in grades K-3:Books are due back the following week, or may be renewed for an additional week as long as no one has requested the title.  Books must be returned in order to check out more items.

Students in grades 4-5:Books are checked out for the duration of 2 weeks, or may be renewed or an additional week as long as no one has requested the title. You do not need the book in hand to have it renewed. I encourage students at this level to feel free to visit the library at any time during library hours, I feel that it is silly for a student to wait an entire week with a book that they are not enjoying, however, they need to understand to enter the Library quietly and be respectful. My attention will be focused on the class, which is present. If they need help they should ask the parent volunteer for assistance.

Over due notices are sent home periodically.  While there is no fine for overdue books, if a book is lost or damaged it must be paid for.  Students who owe money to the library risk losing the privilege of borrowing more materials and will not receive their final report card.   The replacement cost ofthe book is quoted on the overdue notice.  Please pay with exact cash or with a check made out to Gardenhill Elementary School. Please send the payment to school in an envelope marked "Library."  The payment will be refunded if a lost book is found (please keep your receipt) and returned during the current school year.

 Legal Reference:


48904 Liability of parent

48904.3 Withholding grades, diplomas, or transcripts of pupils causing property damage or

injury; transfer of pupils to new school districts; notice to rescind decision to withhold