Corvallis Middle School of Arts & Technology Magnet

Students who areenrolled in the Magnet program at Corvallis Middle School are able to choosefrom enrichment courses in one of three “strands” (Performance Arts,Visual/Media Arts, or Technology) each year (see the list of coursesbelow).  In addition to theenrichment classes, students will engage in a variety of performances,including concerts, talent shows, Fine Arts Nights, and off campusperformances.  Students will alsobenefit from guest presenters in the arts & technology professions.

All students at Corvallis Middle School of Arts & Technology engage in rigorous instruction in language arts, mathematics, science, social studies, and physical education.  Interested studentsmay also apply for the AVID and/or Honors academic programs.

PerformanceArts Strand

·            Advanced Band

·            Advanced Orchestra

·            Steel Pan Drums/World Percussion

·            Dance

·             Choir

·             Theater Production


Visual/Media Arts Strand

·           Ceramics

·           Art / Design


Technology Strand

·          AdvancedComputer Applications

·          DigitalPhotography & Filmmaking


Acceptance in the Arts & Technology Magnet will be basedon the following:

·             The quality of the completed application,  Satisfactory report card grades, satisfactory attendance, Standardized test scores demonstrating

  proficiency or growth toward proficiency

       All school programs and activities are offered at no cost for enrolled students.    

Corvallis Middle School of Arts & Technology does not discriminateon the basis of race, ethnicity, primary language, religion, disability,gender, or other demographic factors.