Spring time signals that several assessments of learning are fast approaching! 

In April, all 5th grade students will complete the Physical Fitness Test.  This test measures students’ body fat, flexibility, upper and lower body strength, and endurance.  Given the increasing number of children diagnosed with obesity, the state uses this test to encourage healthy activity in children.  Students will take this test again in the 7th and 9th grades.  Those who do not pass the test by the 9th grade will have to take four years of Physical Education (P.E.) in high school, while those who pass will only have to take two years of P.E.  All students are encouraged to get 60 minutes of exercise every day!

  May is our big month of state testing for all 3rd—5th graders.  I’ll share more about these tests in May; but in the meantime, parents are encouraged to attend an SBAC workshop on April 29th so you can understand what is expected of your child and how you can help.  I urge you to continue to monitor your child’s homework and academic progress.  And remember; daily attendance and punctuality are important for your child’s success. Make-up work can always be provided, but there is no replacement for a day of valuable learning!

Latasha Buck