In order to create an environment of unity and a sense of belonging it is important for the school community to provide a caring ambiance that is structured and clearly defined. Working together we can promote a nurturing atmosphere by having guidelines for maintaining good discipline.

Misbehavior should not be disregarded or overlooked by a teacher or other supervisors on campus, but should be dealt with immediately in a positive and professional manner. Disciplining a child must be done with dignity. It is important that schoolwide we are:

  • specific and consistent
  • respectful and fair
  • calm and mature

Teachers are responsible for maintaining order and control in the classroom. Each teacher is to meet with his/her grade level team to establish classroom standards and behavior and to enforce rules of the playground, cafeteria and restrooms. A copy of each grade level team’s standards will be given to the principal to keep on file.

With the exceptions of fighting and threats to teachers or students or student safety, discipline problems should first be addressed in the classroom. Students with severe behavior problems may be sent to the office with the proper referral form.

Schoolwide student behavior standards are as follows:

  1. Student demonstrates respect for self by obeying all adults in authority with a courteous manner.
  2. Student demonstrates respect towards all adults and other students by using appropriate language and respecting rights and property of others.
  3. Student demonstrates classroom conduct which enhances the learning process and maximizes student responsibility. Student follows the rules of the classroom.
  4. Student demonstrates cafeteria conduct which includes proper health standards, pleasant table manners and good eating habits. Students follow rules of the cafeteria.
  5. Student demonstrates playground conduct that includes fair play, good sportsmanship and safety procedures. Student follows rules of the playground.