Thanks to those parents who have sent in the money for our March 9 trip to Mission San Juan Capistrano.  It's less than one week away now.  If you can't afford to pay the $10 your student will not be excluded - just send a note with them that lets me know that it's too difficult right now.
After-school tutoring ended last week.  Thanks to those students who came to tutoring and studied hard for these past two trimesters.
4th grade suggested reading list:
Book Report Format 
1. Who is the main character, and what qualities does he/she possess? (minimum 2 qualities) Please provide a passage from text to demonstrate each quality.
2. Describe the rising action of the story.
3. Describe the climax of the story.
4. Explain how you think the main character's traits or qualities influenced the outcome of the story?
5. What is the theme of the story?