Welcome to Mr. Morin's class for the 2014-2015 school year!  
It looks like we have a great class, and I'm really excited to get your children learning at their maximum capacity.  Looking forward to meeting you all at Back-to-School Night! 
Until I can explain it to you all on Back-to-School Night on Sept. 24th, here's the quick version of how we're starting off. First, thank you to the parents who filled out all those forms after the very first day - what a hassle, right?  
Your child should be bringing home his/her planner every day with homework assignments written in it.  If they forget their planner, you can always click the calendar link on the left, and click on today's date to see a listing of the homework for the day.  Don't forget to check the materials/supplies list as well.
4th grade suggested reading list: http://www.goodreads.com/shelf/show/4th
Book Report Format 
1. Who is the main character, and what qualities does he/she possess? (minimum 2 qualities) Please provide a passage from text to demonstrate each quality.
2. Describe the rising action of the story.
3. Describe the climax of the story.
4. Explain how you think the main character's traits or qualities influenced the outcome of the story?
5. What is the theme of the story?