State Testing will continue this week, and also the week of June 1.  Homework will be light for these weeks so students will not have to stay up late finishing any projects or anything else.  Thank you for anything you can do to help your child feel rested and ready to perform his/her very best on the tests.
Science Fair projects will begin next week.  All Science Fair displays must be done in the classroom.  Parents please choose one: a) I'm sorry, you can't help on this one   OR     b) parents, you're welcome! 
Our next book report is due May 29th.  Please use the format below. 
4th grade suggested reading list:
Book Report Format 
1. Who is the main character, and what qualities does he/she possess? (minimum 2 qualities) Please provide a passage from text to demonstrate each quality.
2. Describe the rising action of the story.
3. Describe the climax of the story.
4. Explain how you think the main character's traits or qualities influenced the outcome of the story?
5. What is the theme of the story?