Boo Dodgers!
Spring pictures happen on Thursday, March 5.

Spring Music Concert on Tues, March 10!!!


6-6:30              Grades TK, K, 1, 2


6:45-7:15        Grades 3, 4, 5

"Yes, no, why?" assignment located after the vocabulary words at the bottom of this page on Thursday. 
Our 3rd grade field trip to the Ocean Institute has been changed to the Aquarium of the Pacific because of the distance to the Ocean Institute.  Still scheduled for June 5.  We will only have to fundraise about $550-600 instead of $1200.
3rd grade also has a field trip scheduled for the Discovery Cube and 4th grade is going to the Mission in San Juan Capistrano as well as a Sacramento field trip. 
More information to follow soon.
Thank you to all who helped fundraise for our field trip.  The water bottle had a little over $100 in it, and we raised over $400 with Smencil sales.

Homework schedule: Typical 5 day week:
Monday- reading 20+ minutes, spelling, math and vocabulary (definitions)
Tuesday- reading 20+ minutes, spelling, math and vocabulary (matrix) 
Wednesday- reading 20+ minutes, spelling and math, study vocabulary  
Thursday-reading 20+ minutes, spelling (pretest at home), math and vocabulary (Yes, No, Why?)  
Friday- turn in all homework 
Math needs to be brought back to school every day to be corrected. 
Note:  Spelling homework is assigned to do at home.  Math homework is whatever assignment is not finished in class.  Vocabulary homework is assigned to do at home, however, time is often given in class to start the assignment. 
This week's spelling list:  



What do the prefixes, uni, bi, tri and quad mean?


1.  bicycle                        2.  triangle                        3.  uniform                        4.  unicorn           

5.  tricycle                        6.  biplane                        7.  trimester                        8.  universe

9.  unicycle                        10. trilogy                        11. bifocals                        12. triathlon

13. biweekly                        14. bimonthly                        15. unique                        16. unilateral

17. bicentennial            18. biannual                        19. triplets                        20. bicuspid


Study words 21-25 if you missed 10 or less of the first 20 words.

21. triceratops            22. quadrant                        23. quadruped            24. quadruplet

25. triangulate



diverse- Made up of many different things (like the people in our classroom).


monitor- To watch over the progress of someone or something.


extract- To take out.


priority- Something that is more important than something else.


inspire- To encourage someone to do something.


enable- To help a person do something.


portion-  A part of something.


issue-  An important topic or subject.