Question:  Which of the following does not have rotational symmetry?  Rhombus, equilateral triangle, rectangle, trapezoid, or pentagon.
Treasure box for the first correct answer! 
Homework schedule:Typical 5 day week:
Monday- reading 20+ minutes, spelling, math and vocabulary (definitions)
Tuesday- reading 20+ minutes, spelling, math and vocabulary (Yes, No, Why?) 
Wednesday- reading 20+ minutes, spelling and math, study vocabulary  
Thursday-reading 20+ minutes, spelling (pretest at home), math and vocabulary (Matrix)  
Friday- turn in all homework 
Math needs to be brought back to school every day to be corrected. 
No vocabulary this week 4-14/4-17 
This week's spelling list: decade century kilometer cent December kilogram semicircle decimal centimeter semicolon centigrade centennial semiannual decimeter centipede semiformal kiloliter decathlon kilowatt semiconscious
Bonus Words:  Ixnay on the bonus wordsay
Super Bonus Words: None this week!