Homework schedule:Typical 5 day week:
Monday- reading 20+ minutes, spelling, math and vocabulary (definitions)
Tuesday- reading 20+ minutes, spelling, math and vocabulary (Matrix) 
Wednesday- reading 20+ minutes, spelling and math, study vocabulary  
Thursday-reading 20+ minutes, spelling (pretest at home), math and vocabulary (Yes, No, Why?)  
Friday- turn in all homework 
Math needs to be brought back to school every day to be corrected. 
Note:  Spelling homework is assigned to do at home.  Math homework is whatever assignment is not finished in class.  Vocabulary homework is assigned to do at home, however, time is often given in class to start the assignment. 
This week's 3rd grade spelling list:  camel candle castle coach comb corner crayon comic music coat country bookcase circus difficult welcome metric panic plastic terrific public
Bonus Words:  acre helicopter vacuum scenic attic


This week's 4th grade spelling list:  rough bought fought tough enough cough thought brought through though dough drought ought although thorough sought doughnut roughage sourdough breakthrough
Bonus Words:  None this week
Super Bonus Words:  None this week

Vocabulary for the whole class:


1.    Soil- The top part of the earth’s surface (usually) made up of tiny rocks (dirt) and dead plant and animal material


2.    Freeze- To make something go from a liquid to a solid (like water)


3.     Informational text- non-fiction text, where the main purpose is to inform the reader using biographies, history, science, the arts, and technical texts.


4.     Product- The answer to a multiplication problem.


5.     Lunar- Having to do with the moon.


6.     Climate-  The weather pattern over months and years for a specific area.


7.     Purpose- The reason the author wrote the piece of writing; to inform, persuade, entertain, or explain something.


8.     Unfurl- To unfold something (like a flag).