Boo Dodgers!
Holiday Program December 17, in the MPR @ 10:00.  Regular school clothes (dress up if you want), perhaps a holiday hat. 
The Smencils have landed!  On sale in the office!!!
"Yes, no, why?" assignment located after the vocabulary words at the bottom of this page on Thursday. 
Our 3rd grade field trip to the Ocean Institute has been changed to the Aquarium of the Pacific because of the distance to the Ocean Institute.  Still scheduled for June 5.  We will only have to fundraise about $550-600 instead of $1200.
3rd grade also has a field trip scheduled for the Discovery Cube and 4th grade is going to the Mission in San Juan Capistrano as well as a Sacramento field trip. 
More information to follow soon.
We will be collecting pennies, in the classroom, as one of our efforts to fund the Aquarium field trip.  I found an old, glass, 5 gallon water bottle and thought it would be a good idea to try and fill it with pennies to help save for the field trip (if you can spare any pennies, please send them along). :)  The bottle is about 1/4 full!!!  Thank you to all who have donated.  Keep 'em coming!

Homework schedule:Typical 5 day week:
Monday- reading 20+ minutes, spelling, math and vocabulary (definitions)
Tuesday- reading 20+ minutes, spelling, math and vocabulary (Matrix) 
Wednesday- reading 20+ minutes, spelling and math, study vocabulary  
Thursday-reading 20+ minutes, spelling (pretest at home), math and vocabulary (Yes, No, Why?)  
Friday- turn in all homework 
Math needs to be brought back to school every day to be corrected. 
Note:  Spelling homework is assigned to do at home.  Math homework is whatever assignment is not finished in class.  Vocabulary homework is assigned to do at home, however, time is often given in class to start the assignment. 
This week's spelling list:  

1.  copied                        2.  growing                        3.  emptied                        4.  stayed

5.  tried                            6.  enjoyed                        7.  earlier                           8.  drawer

9.  mower                        10. playing                        11. applying                      12. destroying

13. marrying                     14. clawed                        15. delayed                       16. prettier

17. crazier                        18. hungrier                        19. employer                    20. noisier


Bonus words:  Study these words if you missed 10 or less of the first 20 words.

21. allied            22.  dyeing            23.  liquefied                        24. annoying                        25. hurrying     




1.     description- Details about a event, setting, or character.


2.     analyze- To study or examine something carefully.


3.     appropriate- Something that is correct for a specific situation.


4.     consider- To think about something carefully before making a decision.


5.     noble- Having qualities like courage, honesty, and generosity.


6.     orchard- A place where people grow fruit trees.


7.     mock- To make fun of someone by copying their actions.


8.    distress- A very difficult situation.  



1.     On our most recent test, we had to give a description of the main character.


2.     The “Puzzled Penguin” problem in our math books makes us analyze a math problem.


3.     It is appropriate to wear a heavy jacket, snow goggles, and skis to school on hot days.


4.     We should always consider our reaction to any situation.


5.     The Knights of the Round Table were said to be very noble individuals.


6.     We took a walk amongst the vegetable orchards.


7.     It can be mean to mock someone just to make others laugh.


8.     Flying a flag upside down is a sign of distress for military units.