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School Site Councils are the major part of the overall decision-making structure at each school. They are a very special group of people who are elected by their peers to represent the members of a school community. Their primary role is to guide the Site Planning Process to ensure that the needs of all students are specifically addressed in the School Site Plan. The School Site Plan is a living document that highlights the goals for the school and the programs and dollars that the school needs to turn these goals into a reality for students.
School Site Councils are forums for shared governance. Recent research suggests that such shared decision-making, when done well, contributes to improved school culture and a strong professional community of educators. In addition, effective shared decision-making supports improved classroom practice and student learning. These results indicate that democratic structures like School Site Councils are integral to school success.
The School Site Council:
1. reviews the School Based Coordinated Plan (SBCP) and monitors its implementation,
    periodically assessing its effectiveness and communicating its status to the
2. approves and monitors the budget. (as consistent with EducationCode);
3. takes actions as required by the laws of the State of California and the policies of the
    Norwalk - La Mirada Unified School District;
4. establishes and communicates schoolwide priorities for current school year
5. identifies, develops and implements areas that strengthen the core program 
6. coordinates the discussion and resolution of school community compliments and
7. maintains a web of communication between SSC, principal, parents, teachers, via
    a) SSC monthly meetings
    b) Parents
    d) Teachers


1.  The Council consists of 5 community members (plus 2 alternates), the principal, 
     one classified employee, 3 certified employees (teachers)


1.  School Site Council Meetings are held monthly during the school year; the calendar 
     of dates is established at the beginning of the year. Special meetings may be called 
     by the chair as well. All regular and special meetings of SSC are open to the public 
     at all times.

2.  The Recording Secretary records the minutes of the meeting which include: list of 
     attendees, topics of discussion and resulting action items (not details of 
     discussion); information/facts related by principals or members; motions carried; 
     dates for upcoming meetings.

3.  Any person may speak to any agenda item; however, only elected members shall 
    vote on SSC issues. A simple majority of the SSC constitutes a quorum.

The SBCP (School Based Coordinated Plan) is a yearly working plan for the school, updated in the spring for the following year. The district defines the structure and content of the plan. Three sections of the plan are of particular interest to the SSC:

1.  School priorities are based on: the district directed priorities; results of the SSC, 
     parent, teacher surveys; input from the teachers, SSC and PTO. Priorities are set by 
     the principal in April/May, to be included in the SBCP and to be used in subsequent 
     budget decisions.

The SBCP is approved by the SSC in the June meeting, and then sent to the district for approval as next years school plan.

For further information, please contact Francisco Ramirez at (562) 868-0431 ext. 4149 or

SSC Parent Statement of Intent

SSC Members

Miriam Adhanom
John Alvarez
Genna Biondi
Christina Black
Monica Carrick
Dante Gonzales
Stephanie Jung
Barbara Niapas
Armando Rivas
Bill Seals
Adriana Spirescu




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