We believe that Moffitt Elementary School is a safe, caring, and respectable place of learning. We want to develop students’ awareness of their responsibility to become productive, contributing members of a multicultural society who work enthusiastically toward realizing their full potential. Our students will feel confident that they are academically and socially prepared to meet the challenges of the future. Moffitt Elementary School involves and invites staff, parents, businesses, community, and service agencies to participate in:

  • promoting student success in achieving academic excellence

  • preparing students for an increasingly technological world

  • equipping students with academic, vocational, and social skills

  • valuing education and recognizing learning as a right with related responsibilities

  • extending multicultural awareness and understanding

  • helping all students to develop a personal vision of their future and the ways to achieve it

We believe the children at Moffitt School should have a safe and secure learning environment and have access to an equitable education. Our children will be prepared to meet the challenge of the future as citizens of a culturally diverse society.


Students will acquire life and socialization skills necessary to become productive and contributing citizens in a culturally diverse society.

Students will develop values and a respect for themselves and all living things.

Students will become responsible for their learning and become decision makers to develop into active lifelong learners.

Students will acquire the technological skills necessary for success in the 21st century.

Educators will be trained in current and future academic and technological practices to build a solid foundation of instructional knowledge, theory, and best practices.