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African Drumming and Dance

The fourth and fifth grade students at Lampton Elementary School participated in a series of African drumming and dance lessons, funded, in part, by an “Arts for All” grant.  Local artists, Francis and Omawale. Awe, worked with each of seven classes on traditional movements, lyrics, and rhythms of West African culture.

In each class, a group of students learned to maintain three different rhythms on traditional drums in order to accompany their classmates’ dance.   The remaining students performed a series of complex dance movements to create a class dance production.  Each class had their own dance and rhythm to learn.  Amidst the giggles and smiles, these students exhibited tremendous focus and physical energy.   It was a work out to be sure, but our students had a great time and  were learning too!   A culminating performance was held on December 13,  when  our students rocked the Lampton stage with Nigerian rhythm.