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Welcome Norwalk-La Mirada families and community to the 2021-22 school year!
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About Measure G and Measure S

About Measure G

The Norwalk-La Mirada Unified School District serves a vital role in our community by providing quality education to local K-12 students. We are committed to improving education for all students in each and every school in Norwalk and La Mirada.

We recently completed a comprehensive review of needs at local schools. Many local schools are old, deteriorating, and in need of basic health and safety improvements.

District needs include repairing drainage systems, leaking roofs and decaying walls; updating computer, science and math lab technology; upgrading fire safety systems including safety doors, fire proofing, smoke alarms, and detectors; upgrading school security and fencing; and, updating technology for twenty-first century learning.

To address these needs, the Norwalk-La Mirada Unified School District Board of Trustees voted to place Measure G on the November 4th ballot. Measure G will provide funds to help maintain safe and healthy learning environments and improve the quality of education for every student in every school. Measure G is a $375 million education bond measure. If approved by voters, Measure G would cost approximately $60/year per $100,000 of assessed – not market – property value.

Documents can be viewed or downloaded by going to Measure G Documents.

Bond Study Session Documents
January 15th, 2015

About Measure S

The District began several years ago with creating a master facilities improvement plan and an expansions master plan. This plan was adopted by the Board of Education in February 2002. With the approval of the local bonds funds in November 2002, the District has been implementing the Master Facilities Plan and construction work is underway.

The District facililites, though maintained over the years, require important improvements to enable an effective educational environment. All of the districts schools will be modernized as described in the Master Facilities Plan and school sites identified to have classroom shortages are planned to have additional classroom wings added and reconfiguration of facilities such as libraries and media centers.

As part of the Measure S Bond approval, a citizens oversight committee has been created and tasked with reviewing and monitoring the program for the general public.

Documents can be viewed or downloaded by going to Measure S Documents.