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Home/Hospital Teaching

Home/Hospital Teaching Program Overview
Education Code 48206.3 states that a student with a temporary disability, which makes school attendance impossible or inadvisable, shall receive individual instruction in the student’s home or in a hospital or other residential health facility within the district boundaries.
The purpose of the Home/Hospital Teaching program is to support the student in maintaining a continuity of instruction during the absence from the regular school program. The Home/Hospital Teaching instructor provides instruction when practicable and will consult with the student’s current teacher(s) to enable the student to keep up with the regular school program. Every effort will be made to maintain continuity in the course of study for each class or subject area; however, junior high and high school students will not be provided with subject area specialists for every class being taught, i.e. elective courses.
Students approved for the Home/Hospital Teaching program will begin receiving services when all appropriate paperwork has been submitted, reviewed, approved, and a teacher is assigned to work with the student. Home/Hospital Teaching instruction is one (1) hour per day corresponding to the regular school calendar. The maximum amount of time per week is not to exceed five (5) hours, Monday thru Friday. One hour of Home/Hospital Teaching instruction equates to one day of school for attendance purposes and Home/Hospital Teaching instruction must occur in the presence of a parent/guardian at all times. The Home/Hospital Teaching sessions should be scheduled with a sense of full cooperation between the parent and the instructor at times which are conducive to quality instruction and do not overlap with the teacher’s contractual workday (when applicable). 
Home/Hospital Teaching enrollment automatically terminates at the conclusion of each school year. If there is a need to continue Home/Hospital Teaching services into the next corresponding school year, the parent/guardian must reapply on behalf of the student. Home/Hospital Teaching services are not provided during the summer with the exception of Extended School Year (ESY) for students receiving services through an IEP. Home/Hospital Teaching services during ESY are administered on the same basis as the regular school year for one (1) hour daily corresponding with the scheduled duration of summer school.
Upon completion of Home/Hospital Teaching instruction, the teacher will provide a progress report or report card depending on the time of the  school year. The district reserves the right to cancel participation in the Home Teaching instructional program at any time if it is determined the student is not benefiting from the program or if the conditions in which instruction is provided are not conducive to learning.
For more information on the enrollment procedures, grading guidelines, timelines and assessments; please view the Home/Hospital Teaching program handbook in the files below.