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Early Release Policy

Early Release Policy

 Early Release  Policy


The ASES grant requires that programs stay open until 6:00 PM and for 15 hours per week. Students, may however leave the program prior to the three hours under conditions established by the program.. Norwalk-La Mirada After School Programs are operating in accordance with grant requirements and relevant legislation, to developing policies and practices that address the local needs of school sites and families, and most importantly, to ensuring a safe school environment for our students. Failure to comply with state regulations could result in a loss of funding for all students.

In order for students to benefit from their time in the program , students need to attend each day and remain the entire three hours if possible. Staff and students are impacted by early departures, students will often miss enrichment classes, homework support, club activities and other program offerings. Early release should be kept to a minimum. Program ends three hours after  school dismisses. Students who do not attend the program regularly will be moved to the waiting list. Parents requesting that students leave before the three hours must complete an Early Release Form.

A student may be released early from the after school programs prior to the end of the minimum 3 hour requirement for one of the following reasons:

C =             Child accidents or illnesses that occur during program time

D =             Dismissal by staff member per program behavior/ discipline policy

F =             Family emergencies

M =            Medical appointments

P =             Attending a parallel enrichment or tutoring program (e.g. sports,  

performing arts, test prep, alternate tutoring services)

R =             Observing a religious or cultural event, custom, or activity

S =             Safety concerns (at discretion of Site Lead)

W =            Weather conditions especially if the child walks home (at discretion of Site Lead)

O =            Other conditions as prescribed in writing by the school


The time for every student’s departure will be recorded each day. For any student signed out prior to the minimum 3 hour requirement, program staff is required to record which of the above acceptable reasons justifies early release of the student. Approved reasons for early release of the student are to be provided in writing by the parent or designated guardian.

A parent or designated guardian must complete the Early Release form   and provide required documentation in advance to authorize a recurring early release for one of the approved reasons above and states the specific time of dismissal.