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Parent Resources » California Reading List

California Reading List

California Reading List

Based on your child's score on the California English-Language Arts Standards Test, a specific list has been designated as appropriate for him or her in terms of reading difficulty and interest level.

Reading is Important, both in and out of school. . .

Reading and literacy skills provide students with the keys to lifelong learning. The more students read, the better readers they will become. Every effort should be made both at school and at home to get students to do as much reading as possible.

Why This List?

This site has been developed to assist parents and students in selecting books written at a level of difficulty that corresponds with a child's ability to read based on a single test score. Drawn from California's recommended literature lists for students in kindergarten through grade twelve, the reading lists on this site have been specifically tailored to match the achievement level of each student who participated in the statewide assessment program during the previous spring.

This site will be updated and refreshed periodically to include new titles written for children and young adults or to delete other titles that may no longer be available or appropriate.

Please copy this link to your web browser to access the California Department of Education Reading List Website:;jsessionid=EKJRPVCQUXQZS4SFZ5VSAZA